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Resistant to holes at the heel?

I've been buying socks from Sox & Lox for my husband for years. He prefers them over other brands, but over time, they don't seem to be as sturdy. He is really hard on socks - wears them in work boots - and quickly develops holes in the heel. We hoped the added cushioning would give them greater longevity, but he thinks they are thinner than previous ones.

Sock happy

Great service, comfortable, quality socks.

Love the socks very comfortable

Very good Sox for my elderly mother who is in care and suffers swollen ankles from diabetes.

Time saved

So again I bout 15 pairs of the low cut in black, they have the non slip strips at the heel so they stay on (it does work). Why 15 pairs again. So I don’t match up my socks I just grab two each day and go. If I get a hole or a year down the road when my lovely toe nails disagree with the socks I just buy more and keep going. The older socks gradually get replaced by new ones. Even after a year the colour holds up to the washing. Been buying these for more than 5 years quality is great.

Ripped off

2 sox for 27.95 ripped off never again sent messages to them and didn't even have the courtesy to reply treating us struggling elderly people with disdain hope you go broke

Dear Customer,

We feel sorry for your dissatisfaction with the pricing of our socks.
On August 22nd, you placed an order for 2 pairs of socks, priced at $7.95 per pair.
The total amount you paid is $25.85, which includes the shipping cost, rather than $27.95.

It's important to note that our online shop displayed the price before you made your payment, and you made the decision to proceed with the purchase.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

Sox&Lox Team

My best sport soc

I have been purchasing these socks long time from my pharmacy and they no longer had my choice in stock. Great quality good value that’s why I chased up the supplier..

I like these socks they are very comfortable. I am still wearing the few pairs I bought some time ago and I am still wearing them.
That prompted me to purchase more.

The best everyday work socks

If you want a comfortable sock to wear in your work shoes that does not fall off at the heels this is it. Great absorption from heat and super comfortable. Great value for money lasts and washes brilliantly.

Men's Business Classic
Neil McKinnon
Excellent value for an excellent product

Soxnlox is an excellent product with a market leading "soft top" option .

Comfortable Feet at Last

Fabulous socks and prompt delivery!

Beautiful, toasty feet & Great quality

Love these socks have been buying them for years, I buy the kids size Large as I have super small feet and they fit me heaps better than regular adult sizes.

Great soxs

Have worn them for a year as they were given as a gift they were a size small but have purchased 11-14 now and they are extremely comfortable

very comfortable!

Very comfortable socks!

My Go too always

These are my absolute favourite they don’t slip and are extremely comfortable.

No show socks

I love these socks have been using them for a few years now. They fit perfectly the silicone strip holds them in place really well. They are also a little thicker than the normal hidden socks which means in wear all year round.
Very comfortable. Highly recommend.

So comfortable

I wore my new pair of Bamboo socks for the first time yesterday. They are so comfortable I hardly noticed I was wearing socks; and socks that breathe are a treasure.


Since retiring in 2013, my daywear has consisted of Tshirt, shorts, low cut SOXNLOX and New Balance shoes. Every pair of the original batch of socks bought from a pharmacy some years ago is still serviceable. I recently bought another 5 pairs directly from the manufacturer. They're very comfortable, as well as long lasting.

Best ever!

These Sox are the best ones I have found that stay on my feet, so comfortable. After trying so many others that don’t stay on these fit perfectly and don’t move!!!

Fantastic socks

Have been buying my soxs here for years they are great, tried these ones for a change they are wonderful so comfortable and so easy to wear.

Ladies' Casual Thin Anklet
Frosso Hatzinikolaou

They were great as I find it hard to find ankle socks for my 88 year old mother in law as most of the the elastic is toooo tight as these ankle socks are quite feminine and no tightness around the ankle. Much appreciate the design thank you sooo much you’ve made my life a little easiest 😊

Great for my big female feet

I have had extensive foot surgery and these socks provide great padding all over to make my feet comfortable in shoes.

Ladies sport cushioned low cut socks

Best socks ever they don’t fall down into your shoes I highly recommend them I have tried so many brands & they don’t come close to these.

Excellent quality!

Quality plus comfort. Best tights for my little preppy!

Excellent choice if I say so myself

These socks are the best choice you can make if you don’t want your socks to ride down
These socks are super comfortable and hold their shape over time. So I’ve chucked all my other socks out and going to order more soxnlox socks