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Based on 132 reviews
Warm and comfy

Love these socks! Warm and comfy and wash up well!

product, cost and delivery all were efficient and timely..

I have already passed on your contact detail to friends

Great sox

Men's Socks Pack of Three

Very happy with my purchase and will shop again in the future. Thank you.

Knee High Socks

I have bought 3 pairs of knee high socks and I find them comfortable and lovely to wear. They do not feel tight at the knee and keep soft to wear. Would recommend. I love mine.

Excellent product, been using them for 15 years

Quality product.

Love these socks, soft and comfortable, no more tight marks on legs.

Best socks for Dad

My dad is a type 2 diabetic, he also has large and broad feet. All other socks even from heart found are too tight for him. I am so grateful that I found these socks. He is very happy with them


Love these Sox so comfortable don’t dig in to calf 😊 great range of Sox for women and men love them 😀


we gave a couple of pairs to mum - she likes the sox


The cushioned arch support socks have allowed me to not have to use orthotics and change from one pair of sneakers to another. They are really comfortable and at the end of the day I am not suffering with aching feet.

Woman’s cushioned hidden sock

I love these socks. So comfortable and great cushioning for trainers and street shoes. They don’t slip or move which makes them so uncomfortable and they last forever.

Sox that hug my feet

What a pleasure to wear socks that don't slip or ride up or down my feet. Wash and dry quickly.

Well worth the money

bought and used 3 pair and will buy more - thin socks but very comfortable, they stay up and do not leave a mark on your leg. The knit of the comfort top is very pretty.

Best socks

Have worn these socks now for a number of years. They are comfortable, stay on and last for a long time.

Simply the Best!

I have bought many so-called sox that stay on over the years and they all fall off! In fact, the last pair I bought fell off with 100 yards of the shop.
My friend told me about sox & lox recently and I absolutely love them! I now have 4 pairs and am raving about them to everyone. They are comfortable and secure!!!! Can't recommend them enough!


I love Sox and Lox ankle socks, they are so comfortable and easy to wear. They are cushioned and I have worn them for years.

Seniors ‘Classic’ Sox

Bruce loves these ‘Classic’ Everyday socks.
Great for older people with poor leg circulation and swollen legs as they are easy to fit and remove.
Usually last 1-2 years.
Good Value.
No Fuss.


These are the best socks I have ever brought. Very comfortable.

All natural

These are the only socks I will buy, they don't have synthetic rubbish in so my feet don't sweat. I just buy 10 pairs at a time, but this order will be 20. I wear slip on work boots and by buying the same brand I never end up with a missing sock. Can't thoroughly recommend. Plus you know what you are getting not like random socks in a shop.

Happy socks!

Great socks and the seamless option is excellent for my husband's feet. As a diabetic with poor circulation the lack of seam helps reduce pressure problems on his toe area.

Best socks ever

I have just re-ordered these wonderful socks. There is no better product on the market. They are totally the best exactly is they say great wear!
Please don’t stop making these amazing wonderful, Socks!

Best diabetic socks ever bought. Very comfy, not tight, fit well. Great price.

Best diabetic socks ever. Fit well, not tight very comfy, great price

Best diabetic socks I've ever bought. Not tight and very comfy