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Unbeatable Value

We offer high-quality products at the best possible prices, ensuring great value without compromising on style or durability.

Always Making Feet Happy

To be sure we can fulfill customer satisfaction, we have R&D to discover the customer needs while looking for innovations and high-end techniques.

Socks brand for your lifetime

We produce the most coll and comfortable fabrics, design them with innovative production techniques.

size guide

We always aim to provide you with the most comfortable fit.
Use this guide to easily find your perfect size.

Please note that we follow Australian standard size.

Unrivalled quality, Unbeatable value

Sydney, Australia

SOX & LOX was established in Sydney, Australia in 1998. Our business concept is to give the customer unbeatable value by offering fashion and quality at the best price. To be sure we can offer the latest fashions we have a design and buying department that creates our fashion collections. We put a lot of energy into ensuring and improving the quality of the goods.

We have always been at the forefront

The socks history

  • We are the first hosiery brand in the Australian pharmacy industry.
  • We are the first to introduce 'diabetic-friendly' products to the pharmacy industry.
  • We are the first to offer 'non-slip socks' in our regular range.

Forward-looking SOX&LOX

The first registered

  • First to register 'DIABETIC FRIENDLY' trade mark in Australia and Korea
  • First to register 'HIDDEN SOX' trade mark in Australia
  • First to register 'serious about sox' trade mark in Australia

100% positive feedback

Achievable with exceptional quality and service.

We refuse to settle for merely receiving 100% positive feedback and becoming complacent. Instead, we will continuously pursue higher standards of quality, service, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Visit us on eBay and see for yourself.

We never stop

As a Market Leader

We take pride in being the leading socks market in Australia. However, we continuously strive to develop new socks and expand our market to cater to our customers, who are already satisfied with our quality and service.


Design & Fabric Selection

The fabric for making socks is chosen based on factors such as comfort, durability, and desired properties. Common materials include cotton, wool, nylon, etc.


Yarn Preparation

Yarn is prepared from the selected fabric material. It undergoes processes like dyeing to achieve desired colours and treatments to enhance strength or other characteristics.



The yarn is then knitted using automated knitting systems. The knitted fabric is then shaped into sock forms.


Sock Shaping

At this stage, the toe portion of the sock remains open. It is closed using machines that sew or link stitches together to form a complete toe area.


Inspection and Finishing

The finished socks undergo quality inspection to ensure they meet predetermined standards.

"Not all socks are created equal."

The material can greatly influence the quality and functionality of a pair of socks.
Cotton, wool, nylon or bamboo fibers - each has its unique characteristics that serve different purposes.

Outer and Covering yarn use different materials

Outer yarn

Outer yarn is typically made from a stronger and more durable material, determining the appearance and texture of the sock. It also decides how a sock feels against a wearer's foot.


Excellent Insulation


Highly Insulating


Unique Softness
Antimicrobial Deodorising

covering yarn

The covering yarn of the sock is used to enhance the elasticity and maintain the shape of the sock, complementing the outer yarn which has less tension.


Highly Elastic
Excellent Comfort


High-Shape Stability

"Are you looking for 100% Cotton Socks?"

Explore with us as we investigate the authenticity of 100% cotton socks.